Paranormal Dating Agency

Milly Taiden

Flame to Please
The Ice is Right
Flame on You
Fang to Rights
Flame Difference
Roar and Order
Big Fang Theory
The Stripe Zone
Pack in the Face
Totally Hard Claw
Striping Hot
Settling the Paw
Roar and Peace
Howl Pass
Fur the Win by Milly Taiden
Don't Believe the Stripe
The Beasts I Could Do
Fang in There
On the Bite Side
Seriously Hot Ship
Flame of Mind
Bear & Square
Taken for a Pride
No Time to Scrooge
Bad Bear Day
Roar of the Worlds
A Real Flame Changer
Wanna Buy a Howl
Throw in the Growl
Claim to Flame
Scrooged Over
Hot Piece of Ash
Visible Panther Line
Dragon Rights
Bring to Bear
Bear in Mind
Beasts of Both Worlds
Lion on the Job by Milly Taiden
You're Lion to Me
Winter Takes All
Scrooge Me Again
Between Ice and Frost
Sun in the Oven
Born with a Silver Moon
Kiss My Asteroid
Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 4
Piece of Tail
Oh, My Roared
All Kitten Aside
Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 3
Bearfoot and Pregnant
Scrooge Me Hard
In the Roar
Scaling Her Dragon
Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 2
There's Snow Escape
The Alion King
Tall, Dark and Panther
Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 1
Curves 'Em Right
Her Purrfect Match
Geek Bearing Gifts
Twice the Growl

Krista Ames

Mine for the Taking

Ophelia Bell

Once in a Dragon Moon by Ophelia Bell
Aurora Champions by Ophelia Bell
Midnight Star by Ophelia Bell
The Way to a Bear's Heart
Triple Talons by Ophelia Bell
Hot Wings

Alice Bello

Future Purrfect by Alice Bello

Lia Davis

Claiming Her Dragons by Lia Davis

Tina Donahue

Desiree After Dark by Tina Donahue

Rebecca Fairfax

Welsh Fire, English Stone by Rebcca Fairfax

Chris Genovese

Oh, Bite Me by Chris Genovese

Godiva Glenn

Once More, With Dragons by Godiva Glenn
Tough Shift by Godiva Glenn
Sealed Fate by Godiva Glenn
The Royal Trilogy by Godiva Glenn
Playing with Fire by Godiva Glenn
A Royal Pain by Godiva Glenn
Their Royal Compromise
Royally Screwed by Godiva Glenn

C.D. Gorri

Falcon's Heart by C.D. Gorri
Purrfectly Bound by C.D. Gorri
Purrfectly Naughty by C.D. Gorri
Purrfectly Caught by C.D. Gorri
Purrfectly Trapped by C.D. Gorri
Purrfectly Kissed by C.D. Gorri
Purrfectly Mated by C.D. Gorri

Alexa Gregory

For Bat's Sake
Batty for Dragons by Alexa Gregory
Bat's Got Bite by Alexa Gregory

ML Guida

Another Tiger Bites the Dust by ML Guida
Eye of the Tiger by ML Guida

Renee Hewett

Alpha Medicine
Wolf on the High Sea by Renee Hewett
An Untamed Lynx by Renee Hewett
A Christmas Lynx by Renee Hewett
The Dire Bear’s Witch

Ava Hunter

Tailing Her
Heads or Tails
Flaming Embrace
Kissed by Flames by Ava Hunter
All Flamed Up by Ava Hunter

Lexa Jade

Protecting His Rose by Lexa Jade
Shifting His Rose by Lexa Jade
Guarding His Rose by Milly Taiden

A.C. James

Finding Her Bearing by AC James

Melanie James

Twisted Lies by Melanie James
Twisted Fate by Melanie James

Jodi Kendrick

Wish by Jodi Kendrick

Kathy Kulig

Dragons in Shining Armor by Kathy Kulig

Marie Long

White Stripes by Marie Long
Sweet Stripes
Pin-Striped by Marie Long

Sheri Lyn

Locked in Stone by Sheri Lyn

Julia Mills

Dragon Him Out to Sea by Julia Mills
Dragon It’s Cold Outside by Julia Mills
Dragon Guard Collection 1 by Julia Miills
Dragon Her Home by Julia Mills
Aww Snap, Dragon by Julia Mills
Dragon Got Your Tongue by Julia Mills

Marianne Morea

Once and Future Dragons by Marianne Morea

Leteisha Newton

Bear Naked by Leteisha Newton

MJ Nightingale

In Dire Straits by MJ Nightingale

Moxie North

His Cougar Dream by Moxie North
Her Cougar Sunrise by Moxie Sunrise
Her Cougar Cowboy

Cassidy K. O'Connor

Mandy Rosko

Alpha Medicine
Sea of Trouble by Mandy Rosko
The Omega's Safe Haven by Mandy Rosko
Winter of Discontent
A Rose by Any Other Name by Mandy Rosko

Rose Smith

Biting Time by Rose Smith

Jen Talty

Winter Wedding by Jen Talty
Summers Gone by Jen Talty

Reina Torres

Bear His Mark by Reina Torres
Too Much to Bear by Reina Torres

Savannah Verte

Riptide by Savannah Verte
Overboard by Savannah Verte
Making Waves Box Set by Savannah Verte
No Wake Zone by Savannah Verte
Kiss My Splash by Savannah Verte
Grow Some Gills by Savannah Verte
Baiting a Berserker by Savanah Verte

LJ Vickery

Special Effects by LJ Vickery
Star Bright by LJ Vickery
Adamant Eve by LJ Vickery
Keeping Pace by LJ Vickery

Jennifer Wedmore

Save a Horse by Jennifer Wedmore

Rebel West

A Purrfect Trifecta by Rebel West
Wolf-a-bye Baby

Terri A. Wilson

Birds of Prey by Terri A. Wilson
Wild Horses in Love by Terri A. Wilson

Roxanne Witherell

Claiming His Cougar by Roxanne Witherell
Splash Investment by Roxanne Witherell
Covering His Fox by Roxanne Witherell
Bite My Bengal by Roxanne Witherell
For the Love of Fire and Ice by Roxanne Witherell
Winged Solution

Alyse Zaftig

Triple Flames

Michelle Ziegler

When It Rains He Purrs

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