Paranormal Dating Agency

A.C. James

Finding Her Bearing by AC James

A.K. Michaels

Her Purr-Fect Surprise by AK Michaels
Heavenly Scents by AK Michaels

Alyse Zaftig

Triple Flames

Bella Roccaforte

Lycan Her Mate by Bella Roccaforte

Casey Hagen

On the Run by Casey Hagen

Cassidy K. O'Connor

Chris Genovese

Oh, Bite Me by Chris Genovese

D.T. Strange

Fated Treasures

Godiva Glenn

Royally Screwed by Godiva Glenn
Their Royal Compromise
A Royal Pain by Godiva Glenn

Gracen Miller

Ghost by Gracen Miller

Jen Talty

The Blind Date by Jen Talty
Spring Fling by Jen Talty
Summers Gone by Jen Talty

Jennifer Wedmore

Save a Horse by Jennifer Wedmore

Julia Mills

Dragon Got Your Tongue by Julia Mills
Aww Snap, Dragon by Julia Mills

Kathy Kulig

Dragons in Shining Armor by Kathy Kulig

Kayci Morgan

Krista Ames

Mine for the Taking

Leteisha Newton

Bear Naked by Leteisha Newton

Lia Davis

Claiming Her Dragons by Lia Davis

Liv Brywood

Bearback Bride by Liv Brywood
Bearback Lumberjack

LJ Vickery

Keeping Pace by LJ Vickery

Marie Long

Pin-Striped by Marie Long
Sweet Stripes

Melanie James

His Twisted Tail by Melanie James
Bearly Twisted by Melanie James
Twisted Desire
Twisted Fate by Melanie James

Michelle Ziegler

When It Rains He Purrs

MJ Nightingale

In Dire Straits by MJ Nightingale

ML Guida

Eye of the Tiger by ML Guida
Another Tiger Bites the Dust by ML Guida

Monica La Porta

Her Dream Alpha by Monica La Porta

Moxie North

Her Cougar Cowboy
Her Cougar Sunrise by Moxie Sunrise

Ophelia Bell

Hot Wings
Triple Talons by Ophelia Bell
The Way to a Bear's Heart

Rebecca Fairfax

Think of England by Rebecca Fairfax
Celtic Knot
Welsh Fire, English Stone by Rebcca Fairfax

Rebel West

Wolf-a-bye Baby
A Purrfect Trifecta by Rebel West

Reina Torres

Too Much to Bear by Reina Torres

Roxanne Witherell

Winged Solution
For the Love of Fire and Ice by Roxanne Witherell

Savannah Verte

Baiting a Berserker by Savanah Verte
Grow Some Gills by Savannah Verte
Kiss My Splash by Savannah Verte

Sheri Lyn

Locked in Stone by Sheri Lyn

Tina Donahue

Desiree After Dark by Tina Donahue

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